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Call us today to set up a demo or to set up your cloth diaper delivery service. Its that simple. Our diaper service is fast and convenient. We pick up, launder, fold and return clean diapers weekly.

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Important Things to Know

From the time you call and initiate service to the day your delivery starts will take one week. If you need a demo, let us know and we’ll come to your home and do a free demonstration on a Saturday or Sunday.

After service is initiated, we have a driver come by the same time each week and pick up a duffel that we provide, from your doorstep and return later that day with clean cloths. You will launder your baby’s diaper covers with your regular laundry.

As your child ages, you’ll use fewer cloths, at which time we’ll drop your service to a lesser cloth diaper amount.

At any time, you can order more cloths in our Shop section, along with other great diapering accessories and baby items.

When your child starts to potty train and you get close to ending the service, email or call us 7 business days before your desired end date so we can remove your location from our driver’s route.



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Gift Ideas

Gifting a cloth diaper service is an easy & wonderful idea for expecting parents. Call or email us and we'll set the receiving family up with an e-gift card.


Referral Program

Refer another family who signs up for the 4 week minimum and receive $25 off your next months service or use it on our shop.


Social Buzz

Check us out and follow us on social media to stay current with our exciting partnerships, giveaways, promotions and sales.

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