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Environmental-By choosing to use cloth diapers, you are making a responsible decision in preventing unnecessary waste in landfills. Did you know that even when using disposable diapers, you should dispose of the human waste in your home’s sewage system? Dirty disposable diapers left in landfills not only take hundreds of years to decompose but bacteria from human waste can leach into groundwater and contaminate it. After your child’s diapering life is over, the cloth can be upcycled and reused most commonly as rags. 


Economic-Cloth diapering service can save you hundreds…yes, hundreds of dollars over the life of your child’s diaper years. Cloth diapered children learn to use the potty sooner, lessening their time in diapers. By hiring a service, families use less water and soap than laundering at home, plus our cleaners use energy efficient machines and clean in larger batches which amount to less water usage.


Your Baby- Who doesn’t love cotton? Cotton cloth diapers allow a more natural increased airflow inside the diaper which reduces or eliminates diaper rash. How proud will you and baby feel potty training sooner than disposable diaper children? Overall parents agree that the cloth diaper route aids in an earlier potty user. Cotton is just better overall and more natural feeling against your baby’s delicate skin.


Convenience- We’ve come a long way baby…since cloth diapers of the olden days. There are several types of diapers and covers to choose from, easier fastening options and an endless array of aesthetically pleasing styles.  With our service, we pick up from your doorstep, deliver to our cleaner, and return clean diapers on a weekly basis, it's that simple.

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